How To Change Outlook Global Address List

How to change outlook global address list

 Change the global address list of the Outlook with quick steps

Sometimes it happens that the users of Outlook open up their address book in the Outlook app itself and in turn, they are not able to find the desired name or email address that they look for. So, if you are also an outlook user facing the similar problem then in this article, this issue will be solved after you will follow all the steps mentioned here by the outlook customer support phone number experts as given below. 

The first and the most important thing to notice is that you have to use your Microsoft exhaust server account in order to change your global address list.

After that, you have to navigate to the standard toolbar and then you need to click on the button named as ADDRESS BOOK.

In the next step of this procedure, you have to click on the tools button followed by clicking on the options button.

Now, you have to simply go to the box named as SHOW THIS ADDRESS BOOK FIRST and then you have to select the address book which you want to be set as the current book.

The final step of this procedure is to click on the OK button and then close the address book. 


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